Paint Correction

Paint Correction And General Car Detailing…What’s the Difference


Paint Correction
Removing scratches and swirl marks from paint

Paint correction, which is alternately known as swirl marks removal or machine polishing, refers to the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce more refined finish. Paint correction generally includes either hand or machine usage of different grades of cleaner or polish. The task is primarily done with rotary machine polishers to achieve the desired level of transformation. On the other hand, car detailing refers to cleaning and polishing all parts of a car from top to bottom. The process of car detailing requires the use of specialist tools and products that would not be typically used by an average car cleaner. Although both paint correction and car detailing involve cleaning and correction, there are some fundamental differences between the two.


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Car detailing is specifically broken down into two categories: exterior and interior. Exterior detailing features cleaning and restoring the original look and condition of the surface of the car’s finish. Paint correction focuses solely on the environmental challenges that the exterior of a vehicle faces (such as exterior scratches, swirl marks, fading, water spots etc). Paint correction is done with the sole objective to bring back the original finish of the vehicle and prevent the surface of the vehicle from fading and scratches. For Professional paint correction finishes we can’t recommend more than . are also the best if you want to know where to buy new car paint protection from. They truly are the best car detailers in sydney the best in car paint protection services

Scratch RemovalDetailing focuses on wash, wax, interior clean up apart from exterior cleaning and repairing. Car detailing is done even for changing wheels, tires to make everything look shiny and new. We resort to the car detailing process after a vehicle gets back in dirty condition after a long days outing. assist with this. In such cases of paint correction work needed, the vehicle will be washed to clean up the dirt to revert it back to the condition of the beginning of the day.

No concentration is given on painting aspects in case of car detailing. The focus of detailing is mainly on the interior as people spend most of their time driving the car. Paint correction, on the other hand, takes into account the issues with the paint. If you are looking to remove swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, etchings etc from the paint, then you are definitely considering to resort to paint correction process.

Paint correction requires more professional expertise and normally takes a lot more time than just the detailing process. Therefore, paint correction is more labor intensive and demands more knowledge on various tricks and methods of paintings and scratch removal procedure. So, the process requires an extensive understanding of the needs and wants of the clients.

Paint correction involves greater risk than car detailing process. That is why the professional needs to have thorough understanding of the client’s demand. There is always the risk to burn the paint, over thin clear coats or leave too much or too little paint on an expensive vehicle. So, the margin of error for the correction is too little. On the contrary, car detailing process involves less risks.

Paint correction generally requires more cost as it involves the use of specialized machines (buffing machines) and polishing agents to remove scratches and swirl marks. However, car detailing involves less complicated machines and takes less time than the correction process.


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Paint Correction





The process of polishing a car is always done with an intention of leaving the car with smooth, shiny surface by using chemical or rubbing by hand. A lot of people with cars do not or they take a long time before their cars can be polished hence having a dirty car with spot marks all over.
There are very many cleaning compounds that are available for car polishing. The car polishing compounds are manufactured in different ways and hence are applied using different methods such as polishing by hand.
The most common way of polishing a car is by the use of the hand. When polishing a car by use of the hand it is highly recommended that you are extra careful to avoid leaving marks on the car.
The car is normally cleaned using a soft towel or a foam pad.
Apply polish on the towel and wipe the car using circular movements for the polish to be applied evenly. When checking for marks, it is advisable that you makes sure that the place has sufficient light for you to able to see properly.

The use of machines is the most preferred way of polishing a car because if done well it leaves your paint work with a sleek new finish.
3M Perfect-it III Fast Cut XL

This cleaning compound is a new compound with fast-acting abilities which has been designed to help remove scratches on the paint while delivering a glossy finish on the paintwork. Fast cut helps reduce the rate of dusting in the air onto the adjacent panels.
Aluminuim Oxide
Hydrotreated light
This ingredients allow for the best way for removing scratches while leaving a glossy finish.


• Reduced dusting-Fast cut XL helps to reduce the rate of dusting onto the car’s paint job.

• Large are covered-With just a little of Fast Cut XL, you can polish a wide area of the car hence helps to save money as you don’t need much of it to have a clean polished car.

• The fast Cut XL does not splatter a lot unlike other polishing compounds.
• Durable-The Fast Cut XL helps the car to remain shiny for a long a time and also the compound has a long shelf life of up to five years so you don’t have to worry that it won’t work after some time
• The fast Cut XL car can be Used by hand or by machines.


Menzerna – Super Heavy Cut 300

This is the latest polishing compound from Menzerna which cuts into the marks even those embedded on the tough paints by using its heavy cutting ability.

Aluminium Oxide –this ingredients has been refined to allow for easy removal of scratches and marks from the paints. The compound is made from the most uniform particles of abrasive to allow which results in more shiny paint
This Compound is highly recommended when dealing with harder paints similar to that of ceramics that contain heavier scratches and swirl marks providing high quality abrasion results on the car’s paint.
The compound has a fast cutting ability. allowing for fast removal of scratches Menzerna contains no traces of Silicone or Filler hence making it more suitable for polishing for strong paint correction with minimum marring or buffer trail.


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